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The Benefits of Therapy

Millions of people seek treatment through therapists like Ava Dorrance every year. The once taboo practice has now become a much more common and widely appreciated form of treatment. People today seek out therapy for a myriad of personal and individual reasons. Therapy provides relief for those dealing with a traumatic experience, undergoing marital strife, suffering from an intense fear, going through a period of grief, and much more.

Therapy provides many benefits. Though it may accompany medical treatment, therapy in itself does not necessarily entail medication but instead constitutes a natural form of treatment. A therapist can act as a sounding board, often for individuals who would otherwise have no one to talk to. Therapy has proven extremely beneficial in helping those struggling with drug addiction, eating disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Though medication can also help with these issues, the ability to work through past issues and develop new strategies for coping represents a fundamental part of moving beyond one’s problems. Many studies demonstrate that this treatment approach greatly enhances what psychotropic drugs alone cannot provide. This makes sense, since, although antidepressants can lead to better emotions overall, they cannot teach coping skills the way a good dose of cognitive behavior therapy can.

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